Rev.P.Arul Kumar & Family

Rev.P.Arul Kumar & Family

About Rev.P.Arul Kumar

I was born and brought up in a CSI Christian family. I received my salvation and took immersion water baptism when I was in my 10th standard. In the year 1988, when joined Bible college and did my C.Th, I dedicated my life for full-time ministry to serve the Lord Jesus. While I was still studying, I ministered as pastor in an A.G. Church in Aattoor – Kalluppaalam in Kumari District. After 2 ½ years, I went to North India to serve the Lord in P.T.L. and did village ministry. I later did my D.Th for 2 years in Sahibabath in Uttar Pradesh. I then served as pastor for 4 years in Safidon in Haryana.

I was married on 5-11-1997 and continued to minister in Safidon. During my ministry there, the Lord spoke in a vision and called me to minister in Chennai. On 2nd Nov 1998, we came to Chennai and started the ministry at the present address, according to the Lord’s command. We built the church building and dedicated it on 24-02-1999. For the past 12 years, we have been ministering in the new church. We have our regular church service on Sundays, and a fasting prayer meeting on Saturdays. We are currently involved in Church Ministry, Evangelical Outreach and Prophetical Ministry.

About Eva.Kavitha Arul

Eva.Kavitha Arul is gifted with the gift of prophecy and helps her husband, Rev. P. Arul Kumar fulfill the Lord’s call. Both together lead the church under their care, closer to the Lord.

Eva.Kavitha Arul was born and brought up in a Hindu family. Her father was a Police Officer (D.C. of Police). She accepted the Lord Jesus as her personal saviour and received baptism in 1991. Soon, she was anointed by the Holy Spirit and gifted with the gift of prophecy. She married Rev. P. Arul Kumar on 5th Nov 1997 and did the ministry at Safidon, District Jind, Haryana as a missionary. The couple started doing ministry in Chennai on 2nd Nov 1998 at the current address according to the Lord’s will. God has blessed the couple with two lovely children, A.Blessy and A.John.